A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a proof of concept for a potential game I'm planning to develop called Swarmageddon. The idea is a top down shooter where waves of enemies come at you and to the point where you are becoming swarmed. This proof of concept demonstrates more or less the game mechanics with the Leap Motion controller, and also has support for a Xbox One controller.

Game play with the Leap Motion controller:

- Left hand determines movement

- Right hand determines character rotation

- Squeeze right hand (make a fist) to shoot

Game play with Xbox One controller:

- Left thumbstick determines movement

- Right thumbstick determines character rotation

- Right bumper to shoot

The proof of concept is based off the Survival Shooter sample from Unity. And gameplay mechanics may still be a little on the rough side.

Install instructions

Download the zip file for the appropriate OS and unzip and run!

This assumes you have any dependencies already installed for Leap Motion controller and Unity.


Swarmageddon - Proof of Concept - OS X 67 MB
Swarmageddon - Proof of Concept - Windows 64 MB

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